At home in Paris - Apartment Rental in Paris

Are you the owner of an apartment ?

With our property management services, we do our best to make your life as a landlord as simple as possible.
At Home In Paris
will present your property in the most attractive light and will rapidly find a suitable, responsible tenant for you.

Remember, we are here to help. We are flexible and work around your needs and schedule. We offer several management options depending on your desires and how much contact you wish to have with your tenant. As intermediaries we deal directly with our clients’ problems; you need not be in direct contact with your tenant if you prefer.

Please download and fill in one of our forms, providing as much information as possible, and digital photos if available. Then, send it to us and we’ll get back to you in order to discuss your requirements and to arrange a visit.


  • If you’re emailing it to us, please open the word document (saving it under your name), type in your details and email it as an attachment to: info ( AT ) athomeinparis ( DOT ) fr
  • If you’re posting or faxing it to us, please print and fill in the PDF file.